I started to write the newsletter about grades and grading. It was the end of the semester, and I thought it might be a time to simply offer up some encouragement about how to free yourself from the burden of producing grades for your classes.

Then, May 24th happened.

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

I really don't have words to describe how I felt on that day. A couple of weeks later, and we're now getting congressional testimony from survivors and pediatricians and others in the Uvalde community.

It's all too much, to be honest.

As the United States navigates another spate of mass shootings, as we once again mourn the lack of safety in our schools, as we hear the calls for gun reform and the accompanying cries of "don't politicize the second amendment" interjected between "thoughts and prayers," I can't bring myself to publish that piece on grades and grading.

It'll just have to wait for another time.

This Month on ROOTED

Back in May, Jared wrote an excellent, though-provoking piece on mindsets:

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It’s afternoon, the end of the school day, and faculty are getting ready for a weekly workshop while students scurry out the building. The session that day focused on un-grading—specifically as it relates to formative assessments for learning. The behavior or practice being discussed was whether or…

From Around the Web

I'm going to suspend our typical "around the web" segment for this issue so that we can focus on what to do for the people of Uvalde. Here are some helpful resources:

In addition, you might consider listening to this episode of This American Life:

The Parents Step In - This American Life
The government isn’t doing much to prevent school shootings. So parents are jumping in — and getting results.

The episode looks at parents impacted by mass shootings — Aurora and Sandy Hook — and gives insight into the fallout from these shootings. Yes, there's heartache and grief and all of the things you'd expect. But the consequences are so much greater and so much more frustrating than you might imagine.


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