A pitch from Stephen...

This week marked the first public posts here on ROOTED. Jared and I are super excited to put this thing out there. We've been talking about it for months, and, as Jared noted in our inaugural post, we have pivoted our original ideas for the site because of the new challenges that teachers are facing across the country and across the globe. We have so much to share, but we also have so much to learn.

So we need your voice!

While we are excited to see our names attached to the first posts here, we are even more excited for you to get involved. We believe that teaching requires relationships and community. We hope that ROOTED can become a community of forward-thinking educators sharing their ideas. Therefore, we need you and your voice.

Please consider submitting your ideas and articles, interacting with us via the comments on posts, sharing articles and ideas on Twitter, and (if you haven't already) subscribing to the weekly newsletter.

This Week on ROOTED

Remaining Rooted When It All Seems Up in the Air: Some Reflections on Teaching during COVID (and an Invitation)
2020 is a strange and unsettling year to be starting a blog about the practice of teaching. But here we are, inviting you to write about new learning landscapes, culturally responsive pedagogy, and self-care.
The Courage to Begin Again
We feel displaced, even in our own homes and classrooms. But our terrain has changed. (And it’s not going to change back anytime soon.) Where do we start?

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